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Scalable telehealth for COVID-19 pandemic - immediate integration

Caring for COVID-19 Patients Anywhere

Our scalable, cloud-based telehealth software platform that is operational, mature, and supports the entire continuum of care for at-risk and confirmed COVID-19 patients.

  • Direct to Consumer (DTC) – Virtual Visit: provider-to-patient video visits using personal devices
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: automated, recurring patient self-reporting of vital signs and symptoms using personal devices
  • Bedside Isolation Care / Specialist Consult – remote care & consultation using devices with remote-controlled cameras
  • Population Health Management: complete oversight for large patient cohorts with configurable disease management protocols

Benefits abound!

  • Prioritized and cohorted patient populations for workload distribution
  • Configurable disease management protocols
  • Easy, convenient, remote evaluation triage, & treatment – more info
  • Enhance medical readiness and population health
  • Deliver efficient, high-quality care through automated prioritization of patients
  • Optimize access to scarce medical staff and consumable resources at scale.
  • Limit staff & patient exposure, while improving access to care
  • Save time, money, … and lives


Seamlessly access patient records and images
anytime, anywhere.

  • Continuum of Care on a single platform
  • Full integration with existing multi-EHR, multi-
    PACS, multi-PHR, & multi-vendor solutions
  • Agile configuration adapts quickly and
    easily to your desired workflow

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Three decades of industry experience

For thirty years, ViTel Net pioneered the development of configurable telehealth software solutions and technologies. With a proven history of innovation and success in the exciting and evolving field of telemedicine, we are uniquely positioned to maximize the value you derive from ongoing technological advances for Remote Patient Monitoring, Clinical Consults, Virtual Visits, and more!

Why ViTel Net?
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Interpreter-on-demand within your telehealth workflow

With just 3 clicks, clinicians are connected to live interpreters - removing the language barrier

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