ViTel Net is a provider of the VistA Electronic Health Record (EHR) and VistA Imaging enterprise image management systems for the US and international markets. The ViTel Net team enhances, deploys and supports the system worldwide along with our Middle East partner, Electronic Health Solutions International (EHSI). Our combined clinical and technical skills for large scale, enterprise and country-wide deployments are unmatched. An example of this successful partnership is the Hakeem Program which is the first national initiative of its kind - automating the public healthcare sector in Jordan under the patronage of his Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein. ViTel Net is able to integrate the vCareCommand telehealth platform with both VistA EHR and VistA Imaging to enable the same fully integrated care delivery both in-person and remotely.

The VistA EHR system was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and is one of the most successful examples of an integrated and enterprise-wide EHR. It was developed iteratively and collaboratively by thousands of VA clinical and information technology staff for over 28 years and has undergone numerous functional and technological updates and enhancements.

VistA has a proven track record of supporting a large variety of clinical settings and medical care delivery systems in small clinics as well as large country-wide implementations.

VistA has received numerous accolades from Health IT leaders and the Institute of Medicine.

"VHA's integrated health information system, including its framework for using performance measures to improve quality, is considered one of the best in the nation."

- 2002 IOM Report, "Leadership by Example: Coordinating Government Roles in Improving Health Care Quality"

"The Electronic Health Record in the Department of Veterans Affairs is the best in the United States, absolutely the best at large scale, and probably the best in the world."

- John Glaser, PhD, Vice President/CIO Partners (Harvard) HealthCare System (Oct. 2003)

Medscape EHR Report 2016: Physicians Rate Top EHRs

Survey participants were asked to rate their EHRs by several key criteria, including ease of use, vendor support, overall satisfaction, connectivity, and usefulness as a clinical tool. The scale used in this report is 1 to 5, where 1 = poor and 5 = excellent. Individual ratings were then averaged to come up with an overall score.

Advantages of VistA

  • Built on world class VA VistA EMR / CIS enhanced with years of innovation
  • Built by thousands of clinicians over 28 years
  • Ranked # 1 in clinical outcomes, cost controls and patient satisfaction many years in a row
  • Better, safer and more efficient care, reduces readmission, paperwork and wait times,
  • Helps to achieve Zero Error in medication administration and ensures patient safety
  • Patient engagement, research and clinical outcomes reporting

VistA Imaging is the largest deployed full-scale image management system that stores, manages, and displays images from any specialty (radiology & non-radiology) and integrates them with a patient’s longitudinal health record. Images across the enterprise are available to clinicians as they provide care to patients – regardless of where the clinicians are located. VistA Imaging is unique in both the public and private sectors in its ability to manage a broad range of medical images while supporting a full range of viewing, archiving and management capabilities.

ViTel Net has the only commercially available, fully integrated, image management system that complements the capabilities of the VistA EHR. This system has captured and stored over 7 billion images worldwide across more than 200 hospitals.

VistA is currently in use at all the VA Hospitals, VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics, VA Nursing Homes and VA Home Care Program. The VA has shared this open source software with number of private hospitals in the US and with many countries such as Jordan, India, Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, and Pakistan.

ViTel Net’s VistA expertise draws from a number of VistA experts such as Dr. Rob Kolodner, Stuart Frank and Dr. Syed Tirmizi. These experts were directly involved in promoting VistA based EHR not only in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) enterprise healthcare system, but also in the Indian Health Service, the Department of Defense and advised the Open Source VistA community efforts at World VistA and OSHERA. They were also instrumental in bringing VistA and VistA Imaging to the Kingdom of Jordan, Kurdistan and Kuwait.

Dr. Rob Kolodner

As national coordinator for Health IT in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), he promoted the adoption and use of electronic health records, and advanced the policies and collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors to develop a nationwide, interoperable health IT infrastructure. His work laid the foundation for the acceleration of national health IT initiatives.

Before his work at HHS, Dr. Kolodner was the national informatics leader for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) broad range of health IT activities. He was the clinical champion for VistA, VA’s award winning electronic health record system, and oversaw the launch of My HealtheVet, VA’s personal health record for veterans. In the mid‐nineties, he coordinated emerging telemedicine activities at local VA medical centers prior to the creation of VA’s national Telemedicine Office.

Stuart Frank

In his 25 years of experience with the VA’s VistA hospital information system, Mr. Frank worked as a VA VistA systems manager, a telecommunications specialist and as a senior member of the VistA Imaging development team. He has worked on the VistA Imaging development team almost since its inception and is responsible for much of the overall product architecture. In addition to his work with the VA, Mr. Frank has supported many VistA and all VistA Imaging implementations outside the VA. Under Mr. Frank’s leadership, ViTel Net implemented image management systems in hospitals for the Department of Veterans Affairs; Department of Health and Human Services; the Indian Health Service; American Samoa, Hawaii; Oroville, CA; Kurdistan; Kuwait and the Kingdom of Jordan.

Dr. Syed Tirmizi

Dr. Tirmizi has over 15 years of Health Informatics experience at the Veterans Administration as a practicing physician using VistA and Clinical Informatics champion. Internationally he supervised VistA implementation at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital in New Delhi and at the Max Healthcare Network of hospitals in Northern India. Max was the first Stage 6 HIMSS EMR implementation in India and fourth in all of Asia in 2012.

Dr. Tirmizi worked as Chief Health Informatics officer at a large private hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and has advised a number of healthcare organizations in the middle-east such as Dubai Health Authority, Health Authority Abu Dhabi and CBAHI. He was the keynote speaker at a number of Health IT conferences in Europe, South Asia and the middle-east.