Transforming Maternity Care

Maternal Fetal Telemedicine




Maternal mortality rates are a growing crisis in the U.S., with over 700 pregnancy-related deaths occurring each year. The continued shortage in resources and lack of access to quality prenatal care is creating barriers for families nationwide, while making it harder for providers to engage patients and identify and monitor life threatening conditions.

ViTel Net’s web based and comprehensive solution for maternal fetal medicine bridges the gaps in the prenatal to postnatal care cycle, while proactively engaging and empowering patients before, during and after pregnancy. 

  • 50% of counties in the U.S lack a single OBGYN 
  • In the U.S over 700 pregnancy-related deaths occur each year and that number keeps rising
  • About 60% of those pregnancy-related deaths are preventable 

Augmenting Traditional Maternity Care with Virtual Care

Increased Access to Specialty Care: Reduce transportation constraints and geographic barriers for patients by increasing access to maternal fetal medicine specialists and neonatologists through partnerships with community health centers and clinics 

Increased Reassurance: Give patients and families added reassurance and education with readily available, easily understandable, educational material via the patient portal and prescribed care pathway

Mitigate Life Threatening Conditions: Proactively identify and monitor life threatening conditions for parents and babies by bringing care into the home environment. Enabling high-risk patients to actively log vitals and engage providers in real-time or as needed.



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Delivering Patient- Led Maternity Care with vCareCommand


Streamline patient and provider collaboration with easy to use secure messaging, video conferencing, and alerts to increase engagement and support patient reassurance throughout pregnancy

Routing and Alerting

Keep providers engaged and informed for efficient workflow with timely automated email and SMS notifications and alerts


Streamline management of provider schedules and patient appointments across health systems and partner networks with multi-dimensional scheduling

Language Interpretation

Optional human based, on-demand American Sign Language and spoken language interpretation in any video consult with just three clicks

Reporting and Analytics

Leverage patient self-reporting and clinical dashboards for care management of high cost, at-risk populations and optimize clinical decision making that is based on trended patient data

Educational Modules

Empower patients to make decisions throughout pregnancy by providing access to highly focused educational resources



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