May 6, 2019 | By Sue Hilger

New logo, new look, new website

Have you noticed? We’ve refreshed our brand, changed the logo, and updated our website – and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Why the change? The team had many conversations about how we are perceived and how the brand reinforces what we do and how we do it, and after considerable discussion, we decided a change was in order.



First and foremost, we wanted our logo to convey our strength as a telemedicine/telehealth innovator. For 30 years, we have focused on healthcare, improving how clinicians receive and share information. That expertise needs to come through loud and clear – with a bold logo and striking colors to reflect this expertise.

Orange had been our dominant color, and while we still liked this shade, we felt it should be an accent hue. Navy was a natural pick for our primary color – it suits us. Words that come to mind when seeing navy are classic, confident, intelligence, unity … that’s us!


Changing the brand automatically meant updating our website. So, we engaged web developers to help us refine our approach and ensure this “online brochure” clearly shows why clients benefit working with us. Yes, it would be easy for us to go on and on about how wonderful we are, but what does that clinician or IT professional want to glean from our site? Those potential customers want to know how we can:

  • Work with them to improve their data and work flows
  • Find solutions to vexing IT issues
  • Provide analytics to improve their efficiency
  • And more

Insight from Customers

Taking it a step further, we went to some of our customers – new and old – and asked them to speak with us about telehealth, what they look for from a telehealth provider, and how we’ve helped them. Take a look – click here.

Let us know your thoughts? We welcome hearing from you.

What others promise, we deliver.

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