June 25, 2019 | By Sue Hilger

Meet Jonathan – our Development intern for a third summer!

Our intern is back! Jonathan Peterson returned for his third summer at ViTel Net – and we’re happy to have him working with our Development team, again! A rising senior at the University of Maryland, Jonathan expects to graduate in December (early!) with a double major in Computer Science and Math.

Intern Focus

In our office 4 days a week, Jonathan is primarily responsible with this mix:

  • Front end web development
  • Back end software development
  • Device Integrations
  • Software testing and performance evaluations
  • New technology investigations

On the web development side of things, Jonathon writes HTML code for clients’ web interfaces. Jonathan is skilled in user interface design and provides great help to improve the look and feel of the application.

On the back end – what the users do not see – Jonathan’s focus is on the code that connects the customers’ EHR with other systems including:

  • How clinicians interact with the integration
  • What clinicians view
  • How they obtain and input data

Ultimately, his efforts help to provide clinicians with the patient info directly at their fingertips – all working with a single sign-on through the EHR. Just the way telehealth should work for clinicians!

A recent example of his efforts with software development is updating code for Bluetooth devices. This project has been underway both last summer and this one.

Jonathan is all about problem-solving, as he enjoys tackling and solving challenges. When asked about what he values with this experience at ViTel Net, “I like seeing machine learning (aka Artifical Intelligence – AI) in practice. And this internship is giving me practical experience, instead of just absorbing info in the classroom.”

His dedication is noteworthy with a 2.5-hour commute from his parent’s home to our McLean, VA office. This opportunity will help him pursue his goal of pursuing a career in cybersecurity with an emphasis on machine learning. While he is seeing the benefit of interning at ViTel Net, we are also the beneficiary of his talents and input.

What others promise, we deliver.

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