January 16, 2020 | By Sue Hilger

Press Release – Telehealth saves unborn children in Maryland

On January 16, 2020, the team at ViTel Net issued this press release about how MFM is using ViTel Net technology to enable telehealth for its patients and their unborn children.

Press Release

woman in her eighth month of pregnancy enters a clinic for her routine checkup. During the sonogram, the clinician suspects a fetal heart abnormality. She immediately requests a consult with a pediatric cardiologist at a nearby hospital. Within minutes, the cardiologist responds and views the live ultrasound and determines urgent treatment is needed. The neonatal team is assembled with the obstetrician, resulting in a favorable outcome for both mom and baby.

This case outlines how Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates of Maryland (MFM) employs telehealth with ViTel Net technology – saving lives, precious time, and medical costs. ViTel Net’s telehealth platform makes this connectivity possible, enabling MFM to securely deliver care and stream specialists, as needed.

Based in Rockville, Maryland, MFM provides obstetrical services to monitor and track fetal development and the general welfare of the mothers. Under the leadership of Dr. Sheri Hamersley, Perinatologist, MFM is partnered with Children’s National Hospital as their resource for complex issues. With ViTel Net’s platform, MFM can connect with Children’s Hospital and confidentially share patient info in two ways:

  • On-demand – connecting MFM clinicians with the Children’s specialists for urgent cases quickly and easily
  • Scheduled appointments – booking time with appropriate specialists for those requiring regular monitoring.

Dr. Hamersley states, “Obstetricians entrust us to co-manage and provide specialized care and sound advice to their pregnant patients. When complications arise, ViTel Net technology allows us to work with our partner experts at Children’s and deliver superior care.”

“Using ViTel Net, we have a live connection with Children’s, and their specialists obtain clear images, controlling cameras and devices remotely,” Ariel Hester, CMPE, Practice Administrator of MFM, comments. “Prior to this, we depended on CDs and faxes, often resulting in patients’ making unnecessary trips and treatment delays.” The obstetricians remain as leads in patient care, and the lines of communication are open and efficient.

“ViTel Net is honored to partner with MFM and Children’s National on this impactful program for unborn children and their families,” said Allen Izadpanah, ViTel Net CEO. “We take pride in tailoring solutions for clinicians that make them more efficient and effective.”

What others promise, we deliver.

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