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School-Based Telehealth




Declining mental health and a range of complex physical health conditions are impacting academic success for students of all ages. School districts are facing a growing need to provide a wide range of medical services for large student populations, while managing limited resources. From primary care to mental health, school nurses are continuously on the front lines for students and their families.

ViTel Net’s web based and mobile ready solution for school-based telehealth expands support for nursing staff while making it easy for students to access care, alleviating burnout and increasing the range of services available for students regardless of socio-economic status.

  • 40% of school-aged children suffer from atleast one chronic illness
  • Over 50% of public schools in the U.S report having provided mental health services
  • Less than 40% of the nation’s public schools have a full time nurse on staff

We Make It Easy for Schools to Deliver High Quality Healthcare so Students Can Focus on Learning.

Increased Academic Success:  Help support student wellness and success by enabling access to care for diverse student populations that are often challenged by distance, time, and socio-economic status.

Enhanced Specialty Care: Deliver specialized support for students by partnering with local experts to better address complex needs. Don’t have a partnership with local clinicians? We can help.

Improved Clinical Support: Empower school staff with extended clinical resources through partners that can help assess, validate, and improve care for students while alleviating clinical workloads.



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Give your staff the tools they need to streamline care delivery..


Secure live, multi-party videoconferencing and secure chat functionality for patient as well as school and clinical partner collaboration

Routing and Alerting

Keep providers engaged and informed for efficient workflow with timely automated email and SMS notifications and alerts

Informed Consent

Automate informed consent process with student legal guardian electronic acceptance and record generation


Streamline management of equipment, provider schedules and patient appointments across multiple schools with multi-dimensional scheduling

Language Interpretation

Optional human based, on-demand American Sign Language and spoken language interpretation in any video consult with just three clicks



What others promise, we deliver.

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