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The difference between healthy outcomes and
dangerous mistakes is the ability to communicate.

Are you effectively communicating with your patient population? 

Learn how your care teams can quickly
connect with live interpreters and improve
patient-clinician communication.

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Learn how your team can access interpreters within the telehealth workflow

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Interpreter-on-demand made easy - and within your telehealth workflow

Connect to an interpreter easily – no more fumbling, trying to angle other tablets or devices for everyone to see one another!

  • Just 3 clicks to connect within the telehealth encounter
  • Secure connection with no unnecessary delays
  • Improved compliance, meeting ADA, ACA, and Joint Commission standards with qualified medical interpreters

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Did you know?

Changing US demographics

67.3 million (21.9%) speak a language other than English at home – and this number has grown to 21.9% of the US population



Did you know?

ASL for deaf patients

Functionally deaf residents in the US number 11 million. American Sign Language (ASL) is needed to effectively communicate with this segment.


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