Virtual Visit

Direct to Patient
Virtual Visit

Clinicians consult with individuals at home,
work, vacation, or wherever they may be

Extend Your Reach
Beyond Clinical Walls

  • Real-time, high-quality video
  • Easy to use, remote camera control with
    Follow My Finger™” technology
  • Quick Interpreter-on-Demand access for Limited-English Proficiency and deaf patients – learn more
  • HIPAA compliant



  • Scheduled or on-demand
    Meet patients’ needs for both primary and urgent care
  • Convenient access to care
    Avoid the hassle, costs and hazards or emergency visits, and enable visits from anywhere with internet access
  • No communication barriers
    Fully integrated, Interpreter-on-Demand for Limited-English Proficiency (LEP) & deaf patients – with just 3 clicks!
  • Access anywhere
    Facilitate virtual visits with doctors, using a tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop computer

Medical Community

  • Improved patient outcomes
    Reduce Emergency Room visits and readmissions with
    a more engaged, compliant patient
  • Access to patient record
    Have immediate access to patient’s record and medical history
  • Reduced clinician burnout
    Deliver higher-quality care to more patients, while reducing clinician stress
  • Improved operational efficiency
    Manage larger patient populations with fewer and lower licensed clinicians – your physicians spend their time at the top of their license with the patients, who need them most

Announcing an industry-first!

Interpreter-on-demand within your telehealth workflow

With just 3 clicks, clinicians are connected to live interpreters - removing the language barrier

Multi-User Calls

  • Live, on-demand video conferencing with multiple providers is the new norm—meeting evolving care needs
  • Expand real-time, asynchronous collaboration—as needed

Learn how our care solutions fully integrate with your existing EHR and PACS systems

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Virtual Visit In Action

Expand access to care for all patients, even those in remote areas, using high-definition, live video.

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Maximize your ROI

Use your hardware or ours—there’s no need to purchase new equipment.

  • Utilize your current point of care hardware
  • Avoid unnecessary investments
  • Use your budget in other areas

24/7 Support

Our experts work with you to define requirements and configure workflows.

  • Project management, implementation, and commissioning
  • Training—both on-site and remote
  • Proactive endpoint monitoring

What others promise, we deliver.

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