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Eliminating barriers to quality care for providers and
the patients they serve.

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Powered by vCareCommand, our patented virtual care platform, ViTel Net’s robust solutions portfolio delivers support for organizations of all sizes across the entire care continuum

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  • Rapid deployment
  • Turnkey offering
  • Simple UX
  • Automated, but humanistic AI powered patient engagement
  • Extends EHR capabilities
  • Zero code configuration flexibility for new care pathways
  • Zero code configuration to match existing workflows
  • EHR & PACS integration
  • Supports full care continuum for complex partner ecosystems

What Others Promise We Deliver


Dedicated to supporting long-term success from program design consultation to 24/7 support post go live, we’re with you every step of the way.


With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our clinical and technical experts bring best practices, insights, and real-world applications to help you optimize care delivery


Built to scale, our patented platform delivers unparalleled flexibility to integrate, configure, adjust, and mold our solutions as you grow without the need to replace existing Health IT investments

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Providers

The preferred technology partner for leading healthcare providers,
ViTel Net delivers unparalleled security, connectivity, and scalability

”Whether we are analyzing quality or are gathering two or three points of data about something they could eventually evaluate — we are constantly having conversations with the clinical teams to understand what they needs. It’s intensive work, but it’s really important.”

— Luke Mack, Quality & Research Manager at Avel eCare

“The Vitel Net platform has been an integral component in the success of our program. The team at ViTel Net has been knowledgeable, approachable, available, thorough, and efficient at facilitating our use of the vCareCommand platform in our research study.”

— Eduard Tiozzo PHD, MSCTI, FAHA, Residency 
Research Director, University of Miami

“NETCCN helped us provide a higher level of care and better care. We were outside of our realm and it allowed us to still give patients the quality of care that they would have received at a larger facility by us having this resource.”

— Heather Rambeau, Chief Nursing Officer, 
Coryell Memorial Healthcare System in Gatesville, TX


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Our clinical and technical specialists bring best practices, insights, and
real-world applications to help you optimize your care delivery.

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