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Our platform facilitates timely stroke care so neurologists can connect to patients quickly wherever they are – because every minute counts. The vCareCommand platform’s unique ability to streamline collaboration and centralize patient data allows care teams to quickly assess, treat, and follow-up with stroke and general neurology patients from beginning to end – reducing time to treatment and improving patient outcomes.

Drive Informed Decisions

Drive more timely and informed decisions from triage through outpatient care

Improve Care Continuity

Improve care continuity for providers and patients throughout treatment

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency for care teams using optimized workflows and robust collaboration tools

Improve ROI

Expand neurologist catchment and improve ROI leveraging multi-EHR integration to effectively deliver services across referral partner networks


  • Custom alerting and notifications
  • Customized performance dashboards
 and reports
  • Flexible documentation and custom
  • Multi-EHR and PACS Integration
  • Secure, multi-party video and text
  • Simple Follow My Finger™ camera control

Neurology and Stroke Workflow

Partner site requests from within own EHR or directly through web portal and places endpoint in front of patient
Encounter auto generated in vCareCommand and on-call neurologist and admin support automatically notified of request and priority level
Record Review
Record Review
Neurologist reviews clinical documentation and medical image studies received from referring site EHR and PACS inside vCareCommand
Neurologist initiates video session and patient side endpoint auto-joins. Conducts assessment using remote camera control to self manage view of patient and content sharing to present cue cards to patient
Neurologist uses custom configured documentation form with tools like NIH stroke scale, tPA dose calculator and ICD-10 code picker to document the encounter
Clinical summary note automatically resulted to referring site EHR upon neurologist sign and send