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Built to flexibly support complex health systems with established health IT infrastructure and associated workflows, vCareNterprise is a comprehensive, but modular, virtual care solution for enterprise health systems. With configurable user experiences to support a health system’s unique brand of care across the entire continuum and seamless integration with the EHR and other health IT infrastructure, vCareNterprise powers unparalleled quality virtual care. Designed for organizations that support multiple service lines, locations, and partner hospitals; vCareNterpsie enables configured and integrated environments that prioritize simple, informed and streamlined patient care.

Flexible Configurability - Your Workflows Not Ours

Increase adoption and efficiency with fully tailored configurations that mirror and match existing in-person workflows and brand of care

Optimize Existing Health IT

Get the right data to the right provider at the right time and reduce the need to rip and replace existing health IT infrastructure with the integrated and interoperable approach of the vCareNterprise solution. Leverage our modular solution to seamlessly integrate with the EHR and preserve investments by connecting to existing technologies

Built to Scale

Whether supporting multiple service lines, locations or powering an integrated partner network, the vCareNterprise solution streamlines secure communication and patient data aggregation as organizations scale

Standard Features


Document directly in the EHR or leverage our configurable documentation templates for more flexibility. Either way, our robust EHR integrations make it a seamless experience


Add language interpreters, family care givers or additional care team members to any consult with embedded multi-party video conferencing, and increase patient and provider engagement with easy to use secure messaging that includes the ability to share images and documents

Integrated Medical Imaging

Access medical imaging and leverage analysis tools from any virtual care encounter using our advanced HTML5 image viewer that supports a broad spectrum of image formats, including efficient cloud access to DICOM modality PACS integration, EKG, and visible light color photographs (ie JPEG)


Streamline management of equipment, provider schedules and patient appointments across multiple clinics with multi-dimensional scheduling

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Drive informed decisions and proactively address operational deficiencies with comprehensive telehealth business intelligence that aggregates operational and clinical data across the organization. Leverage robust clinical dashboards to empower providers to efficiently manage virtual care encounters or patient populations

Virtual Waiting Room

Enable patients to check in for their virtual visit and access informational or entertaining content while they wait privately for their visit to begin

Alerting and Notifications

Reduce no-shows and keep patients and providers engaged with on-time automated emails, SMS notifications and alerts

Technology Self Test

Fast and simple tech check for patients and providers to ensure their equipment is working and ready for a successful virtual visit with access to helpdesk support if needed

Single Sign-On

Drive adoption with our integrated single sign-on approach that simplifies user experiences by eliminating extraneous logins while enhancing security by centralizing user management

Informed Consent Management

Automate informed consent process with patient electronic acceptance that can be attached to the patient record in the EHR upon completion


Capture credit card payment or copayment directly from patient online


Transmit prescriptions directly to patient pharmacy from within the web app

Medical Device Integration

Both real-time remote physical examination tools and asynchronous connected devices for vitals capture of monitored patients


Available Use Cases

  • Provider to Provider Consultations (all specialties)
  • Patient to Provider Specialty Care Clinics
  • Population Health Management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Patient to provider Behavioral Health
  • Patient to provider Urgent Care Clinics
  • Patient to provider Primary Care Clinics
  • Community Health Clinics
  • First Responder In-field Consults

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Ready to launch, ViTel Net’s pre-configured virtual care web applications provide lightning fast  time to market. Connect patients and providers with a powerful package of essential virtual care capabilities right away

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Configured workflows for asynchronous patient engagement between live visits. Add complementary support to existing in-person and video visit workflows to expand EHR capabilities for enhanced patient journeys

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Comprehensive, but modular, enterprise virtual care platform with configurable user experiences to support your health system’s unique brand of virtual care  across the entire continuum. Simple, informed and integrated. The way virtual care should be

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