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Integrated with your EHR and PACS for scalable connected care – vCareCommand™

A Flexible Solution to
Your Existing Workflow

Our cloud platform – vCareCommand – automates and simplifies data and work flows, providing clinicians access to all patient data with a single sign-on. We’ve redefined interoperability, sharing data between multi-EHR, multi-PACS, multi-PHR, and multi-vendor solutions.

The results – clinicians make more informed decisions with greater efficiency, using aggregated data across the care continuum.

vCareCommand Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform is the “glue” that connects your IT Healthcare infrastructure, enabling collaboration and seamless data and work flow for multi-provider care teams working in a multi-EHR, multi-PACS world.


  • Patient data aggregation from EHR, PHR, PACS, and point-of-care
  • Real-time and on-demand reporting and analytics
  • Live, multi-party videoconferencing for patient encounters
  • Embedded medical imaging viewing and analysis tools
  • Scheduling and routing
  • Secure IM for team collaboration
  • Interoperability services


The Power of vCare Command

Truly integrated telehealth – the experts at ViTel Net provide solutions that are interoperable, intelligent, and automated.

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All Patient Data in One Place

Both individual and aggregated patient data at your fingertips

Data exists is many disparate sources – i.e., real-time vitals, past visits, time to care – and can be aggregated. Doing so, results in better outcomes, operational analysis and efficiency, and, ultimately, cost savings.

Comprehensive data for each patient across the continuum enables clinicians to make more informed care decisions. Imagine your ER team quickly reviewing Remote Patient Monitoring data, while caring for an incoming patient – that more robust info ensures a more informed care decision.

Our platform can give you that access, like never before. And, we can scale the integration across your healthcare system.

Maximize your ROI

Use your hardware or ours—there’s no need to purchase new equipment.

  • Utilize your current point of care hardware
  • Avoid unnecessary investments
  • Use your budget in other areas

24/7 Support

Our experts work with you to define requirements and configure workflows.

  • Project management, implementation, and commissioning
  • Training—both on-site and remote
  • Proactive endpoint monitoring

What others promise, we deliver.

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