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vCareCommand Platform
Enterprise Virtual Care

Choosing Platform vs Point Solutions

Point solutions are effective, short-term solutions for single service lines but often lack the
flexibility to deliver virtual care at scale. The vCareCommand platform delivers continuity
for patients and providers for every virtual and hybrid care journey – helping your teams
standardize their brand of care both in person and virtually


The ViTel Net Difference

Configurable – reduce the learning curve with flexible and configurable workflows

Integrated – Multi-EHR integration for efficient cross health system collaboration

Modular – pay only for what you need and extend life of existing assets

Comprehensive Virtual Care – centralized governance, economies of scale, consolidated business intelligence

Vitel Net Difference

Core Features

Secure Collaboration Live, embedded, browser-based multi-party videoconferencing, or asynchronous encounters, with chat functionality for patients and providers
EHR Integration Bi-directional data exchange, scheduling and single sign-on support for any modern EHR
Medical Imaging Cloud access to DICOM modality, PACS integration, EKG, and other visible light color photographs (ie JPEG) with embedded medical imaging viewer and analysis tools
Scheduling Unified, multi-dimensional telehealth scheduling (or on-demand virtual visits) with support for clinics, equipment, providers and patient appointment management
Reporting and Analytics Real-time clinical and operational analytics dashboards and on-demand or scheduled custom reporting
Language Interpretation On-demand ASL and spoken language interpretation for video consults
Medical Device Integration Digital stethoscopes, exam cams, otoscopes, vitals capture devices and all-in-one remote physical examination devices integrated for seamless operation and better informed examinations

EHR Integrated and Agnostic

Standards based or vendor proprietary APIs, ViTel Net integrates with your EHR to make work and data flow seamlessly


Powering Success

  • Reduce the learning curve
  • Avoid Provider Burnout
  • Improve ROI
  • Accelerate time to market
Powering Success

Security Delivered




Innovation at Market

Designed to help you get the capability you need when you need it, vCareCommand is an open architecture that supports a rich ecosystem of complementary solution providers on a deeply integrated basis for seamless user experiences. Integrate directly with your EHRs, workflows, and applications using APIs, HL7 and FHIR to optimize care delivery with best-in-class solutions.

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