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Our Legacy

Delivering Reliable, Affordable Telehealth Solutions
for Three Decades

Since 1990, our cloud-based solutions have enabled rapid adoption of new clinical delivery models for providers and their patients at scale. ViTel Net’s experienced developers and dedicated support teams ensure customer-focused workflows, high-quality collaboration, integrated clinical documentation and more – across the continuum of care.

ViTel Net is Established


ViTel Net is Established

Telemedicine, Telehealth

Leveraged emerging technologies to enhance
patient access to care.

Children’s National Medical Center


First Major Install

TeleRadiology TeleEchocardiology, General Telemedicine

Children’s National Medical Center,
Washington D.C.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica

TeleRadiology, TeleEcholcardiology, TeleEducation

Social Security Administration, a countrywide installation.



Congressional Grants

Military Healthcare Enterprise System, U.S. Secure Wireless

Recommended by U.S. Army. ViTel Net awarded two major multi-year congressional grants.



Extremadura, Spain

Full telehealth network throughout the state of Extremadura, Spain. Multi-specialty – linking 30 clinics, 2 prisons, senior & youth centers to 13 hospitals



Veterans Affairs

In Home Messaging and Measurement, Telemonitoring and Measurement systems (video)

Department of Veterans Affairs Awarded two Patient Home Monitoring Contracts

Home Monitoring


Expanded Home Monitoring
Installations (2005-09)

Sentara Home Care, Partners HealthCare, St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, Ontario Telemedicine Network, Alaska Federal Health Care Access Network (AFHCAN)

Continued to expand our client base with new home monitoring installations.

Utica Manufacturing Facility


Utica Manufacturing Facility

ViTel Net establishes manufacturing facility in Utica, NY building remote patient monitors obtained ISO 13485:2003, EN ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996, CE and CSA certification(s)

Cerner Partnership


Cerner Partnership

Partnership with Cerner to offer Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) telehealth sales with EHR integration and support directly to their clients

Manufacturing & Home Monitoring Division


Sold Manufacturing & Home Monitoring Division

ViTel Net sold its manufacturing facility and Home Remote Patient Monitoring Division to Robert Bosch GmbH to prepare for ViTel

Medical Imaging


Medical Imaging Acquisition

ViTel Net acquired ISI Group, a company that was instrumental in creating and enhancing VistA imaging for over 20 years



ViTel Net & Cisco Partnership

ViTel Net partnered with Cisco to install the Cisco Unified Communications Manager infrastructure to facilitate integration with ViTel Net’s solutions and platforms



Technology Enhancement & Research (2010-14)

While maintaining its existing Telehealth Continuum of Care clients and finishing Congressionally funded telehealth research, ViTel Net drew on its 20 years of experience to build the next generation telehealth solutions & platforms in anticipation of the widespread adoption and rapid growth of telehealth

Medical Imaging


Launched Next Generation & Integrated Medical Imaging Telehealth Solutions

ViTel Net began to install its next generation telehealth solutions & platforms as well as its Cloud-Based Medical Imaging, which is integrated with its telehealth solutions



ViTel Net & Vidyo Partnership

ViTel Net’s partnership with Vidyo provides an adaptable video telehealth platform that integrates with ViTel Net’s solutions across the telehealth care continuum

brand development


Launches: vCareCommand, vCareNet, vCareHome

ViTel Net launches its next generation platform including its vCareNet continuum of care telehealth modules, telehealth mobile kits – vCareHome & third-party EHR, PACS and external telehealth solution integration via vCareCommand. These advanced capabilities enhance customers’ choice and flexibility in selecting affordable technology & service providers.


Avera eCARE Partnership to Scale Telehealth

Avera eCARE and ViTel Net announced their partnership to scale and enhance efficiency of Avera eCARE’s B2B and B2G telehealth service, using vCareCommandTM for Avera eCARE multi-specialty clinic services and behavioral health. Doing so will increase access to care for underserved rural communities and fill care gaps for community hospitals.