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ViTel Net’s comprehensive and modular platform streamlines TeleCardiology services so that providers can treat patients wherever they are – reducing costly transfers, improving timely oversight and increasing access to specialists. With multi-EHR and heath IT integration, streamlined clinical documentation, flexible collaboration and proactive monitoring tools, our platform supports more effective collaboration with community partners to treat patients remotely. Using real-time advanced performance reporting and AI clinical protocols, telehealth administrators are now better able to manage staff and program resources.

Drive Informed Decisions

Drive more timely and informed decisions from triage through outpatient care

Improve Care Continuity

Improve care continuity for providers and patients throughout treatment

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency for care teams using optimized workflows and robust collaboration tools

Improve ROI

Expand neurologist catchment and improve ROI leveraging multi-EHR integration to effectively deliver services across referral partner networks

TeleCardiology Workflow

Time saving assessment via videoconferencing and focused using AI —expediting initiation of life-saving targeted treatment
On-Demand Consult
On-Demand Consult
Remote cardiologist examines patient in real-time
On-demand and scheduled teleconsultation
Outpatient Care
Outpatient Care
Post-acute care and rehabilityation follow-up to patient’s home – reducing avoidable readmissions. Asynchronous data capture, monitoring and tracking with a custom case management dashboard
Real-time Reporting
Real-time Reporting
Operational and clinical performance reporting


  • Customized performance dashboards and reports
  • Embedded medical imaging
  • Flexible documentation and custom workflows
  • Integration with medical peripheral devices and wearables
  • Multi-EHR and PACS Integration
  • On-demand language interpretation
  • Secure, multi-party video and text collaboration
  • Simple Follow My Finger™ camera control