Assessing Your Telehealth Strategy

If all you have is a basic video connection to patients, then it’s time to re-evaluate your telehealth program.

The last few months have expedited telehealth initiatives across the country. We have seen Healthcare systems race to build out telehealth programs with service providers and point solutions that frequently only consist of consumer video conferencing tools. While the rush to implement has been necessary given the health crisis, it has also exacerbated the challenges of disjointed technologies resulting in patient data silos. With the next wave of the pandemic still lurking, it’s time for organizations to use this breathing room to re-evaluate their approach and consider how to make telehealth an integrated component of care delivery.

Integrated healthcare should start with the in-person workflows that were created by your teams to provide effective care, and NOT settle for those prescribed by telehealth solution providers that don’t align with how your providers practice..

As the industry is quickly learning, patients expect the same level of seamless automation and data transfer in healthcare, that they experience in their daily lives. To meet those expectations, remote clinicians should have all records, medical images, and real-time data from the point of care at their fingertips. Tight systems integration with the EHR and PACS on the backend to support single sign-on and automated data flow, will enable providers to be more effective and make better informed decisions for the patients they care for..

If you’re not sure how to get started, here’s a quick checklist to help you re-evaluate your program: 

 Does my telehealth program…

  • Provide seamless and thorough care to my patients
  • Easily support compliance and quality communication in the patient’s spoken language
  • Have the necessary flexibility to scale and adapt as workflows evolve
  • Provide access to all patient data for both clinicians and patients
  • Allow my team to manage multiple patient populations across a variety of care settings 
  • Enable my team to effectively oversee and monitor patients in the home environment 
  • Provide the necessary business intelligence to support program management and billing

And if the answer to any of these is no, then here are a few ways our vCareCommand platform can help:

  • Cross continuum, scalable telehealth platform configured to your in-person workflows
  • Seamless on-demand access to language interpretation in any telehealth consultation
  • Direct access to all relevant clinical patient data supported by multi-EHR and PACS integration as well as leading examination solutions like Tytocare Pro
  • Analytics capabilities that provide real-time dashboards and on-demand reports regarding  clinical outcomes and operational efficiency, demonstrating program ROI 
  • Cost savings and learning curve reduction through our seamless multi-vendor solutions integrations that let you keep working in the environments you already know

Because what others promise, we deliver.