Broadband makes telehealth feasible and drives economic growth

In a recent blog post on the Benton Foundation website, Craig Settles wrote about how he teamed with the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) to survey their members about the impact of broadband on local economies, including its use with eduction and telehealth. He had some interesting findings.

Danville Virginia Public Utility invests in building a broadband network

At the start of the investment in the network, the goal was to combat high unemployment. Little did the folks realize that because of broadband expansion, telehealth could thrive. As a result, residents in rural areas could have access to healthcare.

Our Mark Noble, SVP of Business Development at ViTel Net, was quoted, providing his insight on how telehealth offers municipalities the ability to access grant money for healthcare delivery capabilities.

Mr. Settles elaborates on the benefits of telehealth:

  • Reduction of unnecessary ER visits
  • Attraction of healthcare professionals to rural communities
  • Accessibility of much needed behavioral health care

The final report provides great insight and perspective of how broadband (including 5G) will drive economic development