Clinicians are harnessing Medical Imaging technology more easily than ever

Medical imaging plays an important role in improving health for all population groups. Today’s sophisticated equipment enables clinicians to analyze the interior of the body, and the medical community depends on the different imaging modalities to diagnose, treat, and monitor a patient’s condition. As a result, having easy, quick access to the images in a clinical context is more important than ever before … and it is now possible!

Relying on Medical imaging 

Medical professionals rely on diagnostic imaging to confirm, correctly detect, and document many diseases, as well as to assess and understand responses to treatment. High-quality imaging is instrumental in medical decision-making and can reduce unnecessary and costly procedures. 

Since technology innovations can deliver such robust imaging data, clinicians now face the hurdle of accessing and using that data. Such imaging files are often siloed in their own repository, and connecting medical professionals with the medical imaging files is paramount. 

Reaping the benefits

Enter ViTel Net! Our team of experts has a deep understanding of how critical that information is, and we work with our clients to bring those images to the physician regardless of location or platform. Clinicians no longer fumble through their IT infrastructure to find and display relevant medical images. With our telehealth platform, the care team can view:

  • Radiology 2-D and 3-D imaging modalities
  • GI endoscopic color images
  • Ophthalmology external orbit and retinal images
  • Dermatology and wound images
  • Cardiology EKG 12 lead or rhythm strip tracings
  • Pathology digital slide images

ViTel Net’s cloud imaging includes a full-featured, “zero-footprint,” browser-based image viewer with overlay annotation tools, requiring no software download or local PC installation. With our secure, web-based portal, clinicians can easily access images for review and assessment within their existing EHR platform with just a single sign-on. Authorized, role-based users can easily upload or import medical images from their PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems). 


All of this is delivered with minimal investment in single-purpose hardware. As a result, our clients recognize cost-savings, convenience and sustainability, as new systems become available and are easily integrated. 

ViTel Net is offering the best telehealth Medical Imaging solution in the market. Our clients’ clinicians have an integrated workflow and seamless access to patient records, video collaboration, and imaging – all at their fingertips and configured to meet their needs in a single, unified user experience. 

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