FCC to vote on $100 million telehealth program for underserved populations

This week FCC Commissioner, Brendan Carr, announced a vote set for July 10 on a 3-year, $100 million pilot program to develop new telehealth and mHealth programs for underserved areas. If passed, this major initiative will have a long-lasting impact by providing access to healthcare to many, who just cannot get care – including vets and rural residents.

The program

Connected Care Pilot Program – the facts here

Who benefits

This program will support the delivery of telehealth services to low-income Americans. Many are in rural areas that just do not have care specialties.

Why now

As a result of broadband-enabled telehealth advances, patients can now receive medical care outside of hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare facilities. The access is now possible! Using telehealth will reduce the financial burden on patients and the nation’s healthcare system.

His words

“With advances in telemedicine, healthcare is no longer limited to the confines of traditional brick and mortar health care facilities,” Carr said. “With an Internet connection, patients can now access high-quality care right on their smartphones, tablets, or other devices regardless of where they are located.  I think the FCC should support this new trend towards connected care, which is the healthcare equivalent of moving from Blockbuster to Netflix.”


This initiative reinforces telehealth is the path forward for healthcare – in the US and around the globe, because everyone benefits! The patients receive much-needed care, society takes better care of its constituents, and the financial impact is overwhelmingly positive.

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