Latest resource added to website – our telehealth cart options

The team at ViTel Net is making a concerted effort to make a lot of information accessible to current and potential clients. And, that best way to accomplish this is through our website. As a result, you will be seeing new items in our Downloads area of the Resources section, including new videos (more about that later!). Today’s topic – our telehealth cart options designed to meet your clinicians’ needs!

vCare Carts – 2 options

What type of a cart do you need? Large format with one or two monitors? Or is space an issue and you only really need to have a tablet (vs a monitor) for your telehealth needs?

You decide! We’ve collaborated with LUND and selected 2 of their DataCarts™ to offer our clients. Customize with options that meet your specific needs … you decide!**

Let’s take a deeper dive!

vCare Cart

This standard format, turnkey telehealth cart supports up to two 24″ monitors. This has its own charging station that allows you to wheel it where needed. No outlets? No problem! Just be sure to charge regularly.

Adjustments are yours to make – height, monitor positioning, camera angle … it’s all about convenience!

vCare Mini Cart

Is space limited? Then, the vCare Mini Cart is the way to go. This small format telehealth cart uses tablets (instead of monitors). While you can add a battery system, almost everyone opts to go with just the plug version, thereby saving money.

You’ll see that both offer options – keyboards, number of drawers, and more.

Ready to get your own carts?

Interested in getting your organization set with the appropriate carts to conduct your telehealth encounters? Contact us today!

Our team is ready to work with your organization, understand your workflow and needs, and collaborate to provide the most efficient and effective telehealth solutions … we go beyond videoconferencing and connect your entire healthcare IT infrastructure. As a result, your clinicians have all relevant patient info at their fingertips.

**You’ll find that we are all about the CLIENT deciding what’s best for their situation – you dictate, not the technology!