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Telehealth is more than
real-time video ... it’s truly
connected care

Our clients consist of healthcare organizations across the country and around the world, partnering with us to provide comprehensive, evidence-based healthcare


Telehealth continuum of care on a single run-time platform.

  • Automate and simplify your entire telehealth continuum of care, including third-party solutions
  • Standardize data and work flows that can be replicated across all service lines, enterprise-wide
  • Connect patient data traditionally siloed by one-off telehealth solutions
  • Support a governance model required for scale

Aggregated Patient Data

360˚ view for more informed care decisions.

  • View all data from one place
  • Make evidence-based decisions–regardless of where the patient engages the system
  • Gain deeper insight with actionable information
  • Improve patient outcomes

Your Workflow, Your Way

Our solutions are configured to your specifications, simplifying the clinician experience

  • Rapidly configure existing workflows
  • Eliminate learning curves and accelerate adoption
  • No upcharges or added costs

One Patient, One Record

Full interoperability with your EHR/PACS

Between industry consolidation and partnering to cover gaps, health systems are dealing with multiple instances of EHR and PACS for physicians to manage

  • Single sign-on with all info at your fingertips
  • Automated patient record updates to multiple EHRs at the conclusion of the telehealth encounter
  • Save time and money, while reducing clinical errors by ensuring complete records in the EHR

Investment Protection

Leverage your existing hardware & software

You’ve made choices for hardware and software over the years, and implementing an enterprise connected care platform does not mean you need to discard those investments. We work with you to leverage the solutions that are working for you today, in the context of your new scalable enterprise platform.

Connected Care In-Action:

“ViTel Net proved a perfect fit for OTN—their approach to implementation and ongoing customer service matched our needs. Working with ViTel Net allowed OTN to achieve our program goals. ViTel Net took the time to listen and answer our questions and concerns and adapted and modified our remote monitoring system to keep pace with our evolving health care delivery models and new work flows.”

Ed Brown, MD, CEO, Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)

What others promise, we deliver.

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