PRESS RELEASE – ViTel Net announces turnkey solutions for COVID-19 mitigation

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MCLEAN, Va., March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — COVID-19 has become a global topic of concern, and effective remote patient care is needed more than ever. Telehealth helps contain the spread and assist with the recovery of those infected. ViTel Net’s vCareCommand™ telehealth platform allows clinicians to remotely evaluate, monitor, and treat patients – both at home and in isolation units.

Quarantining minimizes the spread
With COVID-19, home quarantining is warranted. Health systems easily and safely care for these patients at a distance with our Remote Patient Monitoring solution. Today’s intuitive, peripheral devices capture patient data for the provider to review, share, and diagnose remotely. The provider also maintains a personal connection with the patient, using live, secure video with the patient’s mobile device. That data is automatically transmitted to the EHR for complete records.

Keeping healthy patients well
Emergency rooms and urgent care clinics are dangerous places during infectious disease outbreaks, particularly for at-risk populations. ViTel Net’s Virtual Visit module enables health systems to triage urgent cases in the safety of the patient’s home, avoiding potential exposure in higher-risk environments. Over 20% of the US population is limited English proficient or hearing-impaired; ViTel Net’s offers an on-demand language interpreters integration to add to patient video consults with just three clicks.

Consulting with experts
Entering and exiting isolation rooms are expensive and risky for clinicians, and access to Infectious Disease Specialists will become difficult, as demands on their time grow. With our Clinical Consult solution, a physician efficiently connects and confers with a patient and care team members in a HIPAA-compliant, video conference, with full access to patient records, imaging, and biometric data. A clinical endpoint is positioned in the room with the patient, minimizing the need for staff to enter the isolation environment. ViTel Net’s technology integrates with countless medical devices – TytoPro™ is often the preferred device for a comprehensive heart, lung, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and skin exam, because it’s user-friendly. And, with our integrated solution, there are no order minimums for TytoPro.

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About ViTel Net
ViTel Net is a leading telehealth innovator, providing a configurable and interoperable enterprise platform and point-of-care modules for the entire telehealth continuum of care. Clinicians use our technology to access medical images, patient data and live video conferencing to remotely diagnose, treat, and manage patients.

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