15 Key Performance
Indicators to Power Success
In Telehealth

With around 97% of all primary care physicians forced to leverage telehealth at the start of April 2020, and the telehealth sector growing 91.7% in 2020 alone, the question is no longer when providers will finally embrace telehealth but rather how successfully they will continue to scale its use. Between patient expectations and increased access to care, virtual care is expected to experience continued growth with a market valuation of USD 79.79 billion in 2020 that will balloon to USD 396.76 billion in 2027.

Moving forward health systems will need to focus on their ability to continuously and accurately evaluate and improve provider and patient experiences, operational efficiency and clinical outcomes. Their ability to do so effectively will determine the level of success an organization achieves at seamlessly and effectively integrating telehealth into its overall clinical delivery strategy and workflows.

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Our analysis examines the challenges and available solutions in leveraging data analytics and business intelligence for three main organizational domains: Clinical, Operational/IT, and Administrative/Executive. No one can write a single prescription for measuring and achieving success in telehealth, but we offer a set of 15 fundamental metrics and tools that will provide direction to sustainable, scalable telehealth.

Learn how to power success in telehealth:

  • Meeting current and future expectations for care
 delivery in virtual environments
  • Defining success for operational, administrative,
 and clinical domains
  • Leveraging telehealth business intelligence to
 optimize efficiency and improve the patient