The Covid-19 pandemic expedited the expansion of reimbursement for telehealth over the last year and a half. With ongoing changes to policy and an increase in access to care, what is currently a temporary expansion in reimbursement policy, will likely see a more permanent shift. Prior to the pandemic, telehealth reimbursement was available to a limited number of eligible practitioners who could receive Medicare payment for a specific set of services and who could only service patients that had been treated in the last 3 years. The expansion of telehealth has led to evolutionary policy changes that no longer restrict health care providers or Medicare beneficiaries from receiving care anywhere in the country. Similarly, rural health clinics and federally qualified health centers are now able to provide telehealth services and receive reimbursement through Medicare. The increase in access to telehealth services and reimbursement eligibility has dramatically changed the landscape for patients and providers everywhere, but it is still unclear how much of this will remain once the health crisis is over.