Management Team

Allen Izadpanah


Allen Izadpanah, founder and CEO of ViTel Net, has been a visionary in merging technology and medicine into integrated telemedicine solutions. Under his leadership, ViTel Net is well recognized throughout the industry because of its innovative telemedicine/telehealth technology initiatives to improve the quality of healthcare across the continuum of care in both commercial and governmental markets. With a master’s degree in science and a passion for computers and technology, Mr. Izadpanah is a true entrepreneur.

Following graduate work at George Washington University where he had a graduate teaching fellowship, Mr. Izadpanah completed postgraduate work at Case Western Reserve University.

Driven by his interest in computer technology, he attended computer programming at the Control Data Institute and became a certified computer programmer. In early 1980, Mr. Izadpanah served as director of training at Clinton Computer and director of training and technical support for Terminal Unlimited, but when the company shut down, the U.S. Army offered the existing computer programming training contracts to Izadpanah. He started Aidant, a government services contractor providing systems integration in 1985.

In 1989, Mr. Izadpanah acquired Deerfield System, Inc., a company that had the beginning concept of components that could enable the customization of applications without writing codes, which he transformed into the MedVizer Development Platform.
He then merged his two companies to create Visual Telecommunication Network – the start of a telemedicine company now known as ViTel Net.

Mr. Izadpanah launched the company into a position of relevance in the global telemedicine technology arena by enhancing the company’s MedVizer Development Platform components to create telemedicine products for healthcare markets. The company completed its first telemedicine implementation in 1992 at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC on its way to becoming a highly successful telemedicine/telehealth company providing solutions to customers in both commercial and public sector markets around the world.

Because of its unique technologies, ViTel Net was awarded a four-year research grant from the U.S. Congress to create remote monitoring applications across the entire continuum of care and integrate them with the Department of Defense’s AHLTA Electronic Health Record and with HealtheForces at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. That research provided the foundation for ViTel Net’s unique ability to provide telemedicine/telehealth solutions across the continuum of care.

In addition, Mr. Izadpanah has served on the boards of the Virginia Telemedicine Network (VTN), American Telemedicine Association (ATA), and as chairman of the Industry Council, an ATA committee that works to educate industry on telehealth advancements for healthcare providers. Mr. Izadpanah won the prestigious ATA Industry Council award for Telemedicine in 2007.