Management Team

Jon Louthian

Chief Architect

Mr. Louthian has over 20 years of experience in full lifecycle software analysis, design, and development, including more than 15 years as a software architect or lead developer. He has developed solutions using a wide variety of operating systems, programming languages, and databases, and has significant architectural experience with both client/server and web-based solutions.

Mr. Louthian has spent more than 10 years developing solutions related to medical imaging and telemedicine. He assisted in the development of the Department of Veterans Affairs VistA imaging system, including image sharing with the Department of Defense. He also extended VistA to add several new DICOM subsystems, including a modernized DICOM importer and a feature to track and store patient radiation dosage information automatically, by retrieving and processing data from DICOM radiation dosage structured reports. In addition to medical imaging applications, he used his DICOM knowledge to develop a proof of concept system for the TSA implementing the closely related DICOS standard. The solution fully simulated both checked baggage and carry-on baggage workflows.

In his role as the Chief Architect at ViTel Net, he has made significant contributions towards modernizing, enhancing and extending the ViTel Net tools and runtime platform, adding capabilities to make it even easier to share and customize business logic, validations, and UI components. Mr. Louthian has also been involved in further integrating the ViTel Net platform with external systems, using both HL7 and DICOM.