Management Team

Keith Buck

Chief Innovation Officer

Mr. Buck joined ViTel Net in 2014, and as Chief Innovation Officer, his initial focus was migrating the feature-rich vCareNet platform to a cloud-based architecture. Once accomplished, his focus shifted to continuous platform innovation to add value for ViTel Net customers while always adhering to the guiding principle of using the platform tooling to make new functionality deployable without writing code.

Before ViTel Net, Mr. Buck was the Chief Information Officer for ISI Group, where he worked to commercialize the imaging components of the VistA Imaging EHR. He spent over a decade working on the Veterans Administration (VA) VistA Imaging team, creating the infrastructure to allow on-demand image sharing between VA hospitals and the Department of Defense to improve patient care.

As a consultant, Mr. Buck has had leadership roles in projects spanning many vertical markets including Computer-Aided Design, Agriculture, Insurance, Patents, Banking, Computer Aided Learning, and Data Warehousing for customers ranging in size from Fortune 100 companies to startups.

Mr. Buck received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University. It is with the industry-changing IBM-PC that he found his calling in software development. He has developed solutions using best of breed technologies throughout his career. As a consultant, he developed the communications and leadership skills required to achieve success within large organizations. As one of ViTel Net’s Chief Innovation Officers, he is dedicated to building the most versatile telehealth platform available.