Management Team

Mark Noble

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Noble is the Chief Operating Officer at ViTel Net where he brings over 25 years of experience in telecommunications, visual collaboration, and healthcare spaces. Over the past decade, he has worked closely with healthcare providers, payers, and industry partners to address the challenges associated with the shift to accountable care models and the growing gap between the supply of specialty care providers and the expanding population of patients requiring care. His vision and passion are making the highest quality care available to every patient in need at the lowest cost, regardless of the physical location of the provider and patient through telehealth programs that integrate seamlessly with clinical operations.

Prior to joining ViTelNet, Mark set the strategy for and lead Vidyo’s healthcare practice as Vice President of Telehealth Business Development. Under his leadership, Vidyo enjoyed significant market penetration and growth with over 300 healthcare systems, representing more than 2500 hospitals deploying the solution for synchronous telehealth consultations.

Mark shares his domain expertise in telemedicine solutions to increase clinician knowledge of best practices and has led training sessions for institutions, such as the American College of Surgeons. Mark earned his BSEE from Rutgers College of Engineering and an MBA from Rutgers Graduate School of Management.

Mark joined ViTel Net, because he believes the vCareCommand platform can uniquely address the challenges he has heard time and again from healthcare systems, regarding access to patient data, centralized management of resources, and workflow that matches in-person practice for telehealth across the entire continuum of care.