TeleStroke – making every minute count

When a stroke debilitates an individual,  every minute – every second! – counts. Each second’s delay costs 32,000 brain cells – and a minute translates to almost 2 million brain cells. That expression – “time is brain” – couldn’t be more true. As a result, that patient needs care right away. Telehealth does exactly that … saving lives.

Telehealth to the rescue!

The proliferation of telehealth adoption (essentially, telemedicine that includes the patient’s input) is occurring at a rapid pace. And, there’s no wonder why. ViTel Net’s clients are realizing the benefits of technology enhancements, user experience improvements, and clinician adoption. And with medical emergencies – especially strokes – there’s no time like the present to have the medical community and their patients reap the benefits.

Our experts at ViTel Net are working with some of the top neurosurgeons in the country and deliver interoperability like never before. Take a look at what we’re doing.

First – let’s review a TeleStroke scenario

Watch this short, animated video (click here) and see how telehealth takes medicine to a new level. With seamless interoperability, the patient receives care fast and efficiently. The typical wasted minutes in such an instance are dramatically reducing – from the onset a stroke through the experience at the hospital that bypasses the ER.

Next – take a deeper dive

So, how does this happen? While the connectivity seems easy enough, it’s actually quite complex. And working with the right team makes a world of difference. In this downloadable Solution Brief, you can review the various components and get a more thorough understanding of how ViTel Net makes interoperability a reality.

Our goal is to ensure clinicians have easy access to all relevant data – including PACS imaging – to make the most informed decisions quickly. We do this by giving clinicians exactly what they want and need, when they want it:

  • Single sign-on through the EHR, avoiding hassles with those pesky and ever-changing passwords
  • Aggregated patient data with imaging configured to your needs – with information flowing between various platforms and systems
  • Utilization of your current hardware and software systems, maximizing your investments, as well as your ROI

The results

We make technology work for you – and not the other way around. The results are astounding and completely achievable:

  1. Patient care is immediate and enhanced – this cannot be stressed enough … lives are saved!
  2. Our clients experience high user adoption, minimal to no learning curve, and very satisfied clinicians.

Win-win! So, imagine this scenario with a variety of specialties through the care continuum – behavioral health, cardiology, fetal monitoring … The list goes on and on. We encourage you to click this link to watch what others have to say about working with ViTel Net.

Telehealth organizations tend to make a lot of promises, but we actually deliver. Let’s start a conversation and see how we can help your organization reap the rewards of telehealth.