While we’ve got a great mini cart, you can use your own equipment with our telehealth integration

When implementing our vCareCommand platform and a point of care solution, the ViTel Net team will resource appropriate equipment, if needed. One of the advantages of working with us is that we not only provide solutions, but also work with equipment and software systems clients already have in place.

Many of our competitors require the installation of proprietary hardware, which just takes the costs up. Instead, the ViTel Net team integrates your current hardware (and software!). And, if you desire a better solution than what you already have, we’re here to help! We’ll work with your team to make recommendations, and those suggestions usually come with options – based on your clinicians’ workflow and needs, as well as your organization’s input.

Just know that whether you’ve got a telehealth system in place, you determine if an upgrade is the way to go … or not. The benefits – you:

  • Get what you want
  • Utilize your point of care hardware
  • Avoid unnecessary investments – and save money!

You decide!

I would be remiss not to mention our vCare Mini Cart that our clients will often opt for. Typically, it’s used to wheel around the halls to connect remote clinicians with patients and their care providers for. The cart can be an integral piece of a telehealth program, housing screens, laptops, and tablets (or a combination of them) to:

  • Serve as the live video conferencing conduit
  • Provide the info at the clinician’s fingertips
  • Store supplies.

With that in mind, the cart needs to be nimble and as unobtrusive as possible, as space often comes at a premium. Based on these attributes, you can understand why this cart is a favorite.

So, if you’ve got carts (or laptops or kiosks or digital stethoscopes or tables … whatever!), we’re happy to integrate, accordingly. To learn more, complete our short form on our Contact Us page.